Visions of Transcendence

"Visions of Transcendence" is a unique album featuring bass player Simon Sammut and 13 tracks with international guest musicians, showcasing his skills as a bass player and composer.



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From the sharp sound and production to the attractive artwork, Crossing is a multi-layered labour of love with a lot of thought behind it and a determination to travel through boundaries of all kinds; he and his backing crew can be easy on the ears or as vigorous as the songs demand. Sammut offers the listener a chance not just to listen but to see, think and experience.

- Geno Thackara

International Guest Artists

Ever thought about how cool it would be to be part of a music project that spans the whole world? 

Well, Simon Sammut is making it happen with his new album, "Visions of Transcendence." 

It's like a musical road trip with stops in Italy, the USA, Argentina, Canada, Ukraine, and Simon's home, Malta. 

He's bringing together musicians from all these countries into one unique album.

About Simon Sammut

A seasoned bass player and composer, honed his musical skills under the guidance of his father, Joseph.

Versatile in rock, blues, soul, funk, and jazz, he expanded to the upright bass, collaborating with esteemed musicians and the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra. Simultaneously a composer, producer, and teacher, Simon released solo albums like "BaSSic Attitude" and "Crossing."

His international collaborations include the "Gravity" album with Omar Vázquez, blending jazz fusion, funk, Latin, and world music, premiered in Mexico in April 2019.


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